From time to time the museum receives items that leave us puzzled, so I thought I would seek out your help.  If you have any suggestions as to what they are, or what their use is, please go to our contact page and send me an email.  Love to hear any suggestions!


This item we have already accession. It is 2013-08-01









We know it is a wooden wedge, but what was it used for?  Some suggestions so far have been "A fallers wedge" and "A stage of boat building".  The wedge is very crudely built, a small knot protrudes on one side.  There is a medal ring imbedded into the top, it appears to have been pounded in from much use.  We are hoping that someone might recognize this and give us a more positive identification.


The gentleman that owned this tool had a small farm and also had a Ford automotive garage in the 1920s and 30s. As logging was the main industry at the time in this area, it could possibly be for use there.  Any ideas of its use? 





This rock or conglomeration of ??? was found while cleaning up an old shed.  It is quite light in weight for its size.  Some thoughts are it might be an item melted down from a fire as the brown could be glass, but what is the white material?